Can Arts Student Become A Doctor?

Can a arts student become a bank manager?

Originally Answered: Can arts students apply for bank jobs.

Yes, you can apply for bank job after completed your graduation, there no any rule.

,from any stream you can passed your graduation can apply for bank job..

Can arts student be a doctor?

Can I be a doctor after taking arts in 12? No. You have to take science in 12th. However, you can re-join 12th in the science stream if you want to be a doctor.

Which subject is best for doctor?

Recommended high school classes for doctorsScience courses. Doctors need a strong grasp of anatomy, physiology, biology and chemistry. … Math courses. Math, particularly statistics and algebra, are an important part of pre-med study. … Health & Physical Education courses. … English courses. … Foreign Language.

Which is the best job for arts student?

Highest Paying Jobs In India in Arts FieldFashion Designer. If you are interested in design and arts, then you might like a career in fashion design. … Corporate Lawyer. After completing your degree in arts, you can pursue a career in law as well. … Graphic Designer. … Management Roles. … Insurance Manager. … Digital Marketing. … Journalist. … Product Manager.

Can I be a doctor if I’m bad at math?

Before suggesting yes, you absolutely can become a doctor if you’re not good at math, it’s important to break down what math actually is. Most people think of arithmetic (addition, subtraction etc) as math. Skills important for dosage and pharmacological-based calculations. But that’s more the study of numbers.

What to study to be a doctor?

Taking any science pre-requisites during high school or your undergraduate degree is important, as it’s much harder to complete these pre-requisites after graduation. Remember too that choosing high level mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology and english will stand you in good stead as you study medicine.

Can I become a doctor without maths?

there is no need of math to take doctor as a professional course. you just need to qualify PCB( Physics, Chemistry and Biology) as your main subject in 12th standard along with english . rather there is need of some mathematical calculation in physics, but you don;t have to worry about it, it will be cover up.

Can I become doctor after BA?

BDS (Bachelor of Dental Sciences), BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery), BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery), B.Sc. … For becoming a MBBS doctor, or to pursue BDS, BAMS, BHMS, BSMS, BUMS or BVSc, you will have to appear for and clear the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET).

Can an arts student become a psychiatrist?

It is not possible for a student of arts to become a psychiatrist… unless there is a complete change in the stream of studies into science and get acceptance to an MD program, after MCAT and then obtain a medical diploma and then training in Psychiatry to obtain certification and a license to practice Psychiatry.