How Do You Say Hello In Rajasthan?

How is Marwari written?

Marwari is popularly written in Devanagari script, as is Hindi, Marathi, Nepali and Sanskrit; although it was historically written in Mahajani, it is still written in the Perso-Arabic script by the Marwari minority in Eastern Pakistan (the standard/western Naskh script variant is used in Sindh Province, and the eastern ….

What is the reply of Khamma Ghani?

It is a form of greeting in Marwari, similar to ‘hello’, ‘namaste’, and ‘vanakem’, in other languages. The person starting the conversion will greet with the words, ‘Khamma Ghani’, while the other person will reply by, ‘Ghani Ghani Khamma Sa’. (Sa = sir ).

How do you say namaste in Rajasthani language?

Khamma Ghani is like hello in Rajasthani and is responded with Ghani Khamma and simply Khamma, if you are the elder person.

What is Rajasthani dress called?

Traditional attire for Rajasthani women is ghagra, choli (also called kanchli or kurti) and odhni. The ghagra is a full-length, embroidered and pleated skirt, which comes in a variety of colours, prints and fabrics, such as silk, cotton, georgette and crêpe.

What does Marwari mean?

1 : a member of a caste of moneylenders and merchants in India who have become the chief rivals of the Parsis as merchants and industrialists. 2 : the Rajasthani dialect of Marwar.

What is father called in Rajasthani?

The male member of the Rajasthani family whose father is alive is called as KUNWAR SA. A male member whose grand father is alive is called as BHANWAR SA. But a male member of the Rajasthani family whose father and grandfather both are not alive then he is called as THAKUR SA.

How do you say beautiful in Rajasthani?

“Tu Ghani Footri/Chokhi lagri hai/chai”So I learnt this word ‘footri’ from a daily soap ‘Diya Aur Bati Hum’ aired on Star plus.More items…

What are u doing in Rajasthani?

Tu kai karriyo hai? What are you doing? Translation: Tu kai karrahi hai?

Did you have lunch in Marwari?

In Marwari, there are no specific words for ‘Breakfast’, ‘Lunch’ or ‘Dinner’ as in English. It is generally called as food.

What is husband called in Rajasthani?

Coming to the question, the word for husband in Hindi is “पति” (Pati, puh_ti ) and the word for husband in Rajasthani is “बींद” ( Beend, द्/d pronounced as ‘th’ in with.)

What is the language spoken in Rajasthan?

The census includes 57 languages as part of Hindi language including Rajasthani, Marwari, Mewari, Brajbhasha and Bagri which are prominently spoken in Rajasthan.

What do we say hello in Rajasthani?

Ram Ram saPhrase listTranslationPhrase (pronunciation)EnglishRajasthanihelloRam Ram sagood-byeRam Ram saforgive me/forgivenessKhamma-Ghani9 more rows

Is Marwari an OBC?

In India this reservation is based on the bases of caste mostly. Where you must be knowing this thing that Marwar is a region. SC/ST – Meghawal , balot. Though they are Marwari but not in OBC category.

What caste is Marwari?

‘Marwari’ is an umbrella term to classify both Hindus and Jains. The Marwaris originate from Eastern Rajasthan and the term was used as an ethnographic classification in the 1901 census. It described a trader from Rajputana and included primary groups like Agarwals, Maheswaris, Oswals, and Seraogis.

Is Marwari and baniya same?

The word Marwari being used as a generic name for Baniyas from Rajasthan. The Birlas are, of course, from Shekhawati.

What is girl called in Rajasthani?

Posted: 7 years agoA TopAachhogoodChhorigirlChhoroboyChhuchhaka ceremony performed by maternal side after a month of his birth187 more rows

What is Khamma Ghani?

Today, it has evolved to signify “many greetings” / “many blessings”, used very commonly as a “hello” or a “welcome”. Khamma Ghani is like hello in Rajasthani and is responded with Ghani Khamma and simply Khamma, if you are the elder person.

Do you love me in Marwari?

English to Marwari Do you love me Tu manne pyaar kare kaain?