How Would You Describe A Determined Person?

What words mean strong willed?


How do you describe Determined?

: having a strong feeling that you are going to do something and that you will not allow anyone or anything to stop you. : not weak or uncertain : having or showing determination to do something. See the full definition for determined in the English Language Learners Dictionary. determined.

What is the verb of determination?

determine. To set the boundaries or limits of. To ascertain definitely; to figure out, find out, or conclude by analyzing, calculating, or investigating. To fix the form or character of; to shape; to prescribe imperatively; to regulate; to settle.

What words describe determination?

determinationdecidedness,decision,decisiveness,determinedness,firmness,granite,purposefulness,resoluteness,More items…

What is a tone word for determined?

hostile; determined; forceful; argumentative. Aggrieved. indignant; annoyed; offended; disgruntled. Ambivalent. having mixed feelings; uncertain; in a dilemma; undecided.

How do you say someone is determined?

other words for determineddogged.purposeful.resolute.serious.steadfast.strong-willed.stubborn.tenacious.

What is determination with example?

Determination is defined as a firm intent or a decision which has been reached. An example of determination is the strength to keep applying for jobs after being turned down by dozens of potential employers. An example of determination is a jury’s verdict in a trial. noun.

What is a good synonym for determine?

determineadjudge,adjudicate,arbitrate,decide,judge,referee,rule (on),settle,More items…

What’s a word for strong minded?

What is another word for strong-minded?determinedfirmunyieldingdoggedforcefulinexorableperseveringpersistenttenaciousunfaltering234 more rows

What is a headstrong personality?

Headstrong describes something that’s disobedient or willful. If you’re headstrong, you want to do what you want to do. When you refuse to complete your homework because you want to watch a football game, you’re being headstrong.

Is determined a positive word?

Determination is a positive emotional feeling that involves persevering towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles.

What is the noun of determine?

determination. The act of determining, or the state of being determined. Bringing to an end; termination; limit. Direction or tendency to a certain end; impulsion.

How would you describe a strong willed person?

Someone strong-willed doesn’t give up easily. A strong-willed person is determined. Your will is your desire or drive to do something, so a strong-willed person is someone with a powerful will. This can be positive or negative. A child who insists on going to the zoo in the rain is strong-willed in a stubborn way.

What does determination mean?

noun. the act of coming to a decision or of fixing or settling a purpose. ascertainment, as after observation or investigation: determination of a ship’s latitude. the information ascertained; solution. the settlement of a dispute, question, etc., as by authoritative decision.

What is the adjective of determination?

adjective. /dɪˈtərmənd/ 1[not before noun] determined (to do something) if you are determined to do something, you have made a firm decision to do it and you will not let anyone prevent you I’m determined to succeed.