Question: What Is The Meaning Of Ascribable?

What is the meaning of humanly?

with regard to human needs and emotions1a : with regard to human needs and emotions provide humanly for those who are not needed in the economy— E.



b : with regard to or in keeping with human proneness to error or weakness humanly inaccurate..

What ascribe means?

transitive verb. : to refer to a supposed cause, source, or author : to say or think that (something) is caused by, comes from, or is associated with a particular person or thing These poems are usually ascribed to Homer. They ascribe most of their success to good timing and good luck.

What does Inviolably mean?

secure from violation or profanationinviolable • \in-VYE-uh-luh-bul\ • adjective. 1 : secure from violation or profanation 2 : secure from assault or trespass : unassailable.

What does dehors mean?

Outside or beyond the bounds(law) Out of; without; foreign to; out of the agreement, record, will, or other instrument. … Outside or beyond the bounds of, as in matters that are dehors the trial record or the pages of a written agreement.

What is a sacrosanct person?

1 : most sacred or holy : inviolable. 2 : treated as if holy : immune from criticism or violation politically sacrosanct programs.

What are inviolable rights?

Certain rights—namely, in the category of human rights—are inviolable. This means they may not be derogated at any time or infringed on in any way and must be fully respected and defended.

Is Humain a word?

Human means relating to or concerning people.

What is the difference between human and humane?

‘Human’ is now used today as a noun (person, place, or thing) or adjective (describing word) to refer to things literally having to do with being a human being. ‘Humane’, on the other hand, is only used as an adjective to refer to positive human traits like kindness and compassion.

What is the adjective of human?

human (adjective) human (noun) human being (noun)

What is ascribed identity?

ascribed identity is the set of demographic and role descriptions that others in an interaction assume to hold true for you. Ascribed identity is often a function of one’s physical appearance, ethnic connotations of one’s name, or other stereotypical associations.

Is age an ascribed status?

Age remains an ascribed status, but our perceived age can be an achieved status. Overall, status is based on the expectations we have of someone holding a particular status.

Can a person be inviolable?

one of the constitutional personal rights and freedoms of citizens. In proclaiming the inviolability of the person, the constitutions of socialist countries specify that no one may be subjected to arrest except in the manner and in cases established by law.