Question: What’S An Artist’S Obligation To You The Viewer?

What are the most important skills an artist can have?

Here are, in my opinion, the twelve most necessary skills for a fine artist:Realistic drawing.

Constructive drawing.

Ability to draw from life.

Drawing from memory and imagination.

Knowledge of art materials and their skillful use.

Knowledge of the rules of perspective.

Knowledge of golden proportions.

Composition skills.More items….

What qualities should an artist have?

9 Qualities All Great Artists ShareThey Have Passion. “I personally feel that painting is just as much a necessity as eating and breathing,” says painter Lola Gil. … They Have the Desire to Grow. … They Are Flexible. … They Try New Things. … They Are Dedicated. … They Are Self-Critical. … They Are Vulnerable. … They Persevere.

Do artists have a responsibility to society?

It is my opinion, as an artist, that we do not have a responsibility to society. … An artist shouldn’t feel a burden or obligation to set an example for the entire world. They shouldn’t feel that they have to reflect the beliefs or opinions of a certain segment of society.

What are the four roles of the artist?

Sayre defined the four roles traditionally assigned to artists. They were to produce a record of their surroundings; to express emotions in a tangible or visible manner; to reveal truths that were either universal or hidden; and to help people view the world from a different or novel perspective.

What is the role of the viewer in art?

The role of the viewer in art is very important, because in the end they are the ones who set its value. It is the viewer and buyers who set the trends and put a value on work with the prices they pay.

What type of audience is addressed?

Immediate. An immediate audience is a type of audience that is composed of individuals who are face-to-face subjects with a speaker and a speaker’s rhetorical text or speech. This audience directly listens to, engages with, and consumes the rhetorical text in an unmediated fashion.

How does art engage the audience?

Artists engage and collaborate with audiences in many different ways today. By opening up their process of creation to others, they give up a measure of control over their work, and give over to chance and to trust in the viewer-turned-participant. And the work of art, in turn, becomes a two-way exchange.

Why is it important to connect with your audience?

As a speaker, it is vital to make a personal connection with the audience. Your ability to establish this connection can make the difference between being evaluated positively or negatively, being believed or doubted, or delivering an effective or ineffective presentation.

How do you connect with your audience?

8 Ways to Get a Connection with your AudienceRespond to what you see. Many speakers are very self-focused when they are on stage. … Look at people a bit longer. … Smile and have fun. … Be personal. … Refer to what they already know. … Walk towards your audience. … Compliment the audience. … Tell a story.

How do you know your audience in communication?

6 Steps for Effectively Connecting with Your Audience(s)STEP 1: Determine who your audience is. … STEP 2: Consider what is on their minds. … STEP 3: Think about what you need them to know. … STEP 4: Think about what you need them to think, feel or do based on what you tell them. … STEP 5: Decide the best means of communicating this information.More items…•

Are artists obligated to their audience?

Artists are not obligated to their audience. If a person creates something and decides that it is art, then it is art. An audience is unnecessary, and artists certainly have no obligation to an audience. Affirmation: If what you say is true, then everything is art.

What is an artist’s responsibility?

An artist is not responsible for the experience that the viewer has. … During an artist’s life, their private acts will always be examined. The public wants to establish a connection between the art and the artist, and they may get it wrong. Only the artist knows, and they may not fully understand it themselves.