Question: Whats The Opposite Of Live?

What is the opposite rude?

What is the opposite of rude?politekindrespectfulconsideratecourteousgentlebenevolentmannerlypleasantcharming152 more rows.

What is opposite of man?

Woman is the opposite gender to man. When referring to people being opposites of each other, without qualifying, it’s usually about their qualities and personalities being opposites.

What is the opposite of buying?

What is the opposite of buy?forfeitlosepasspreventrejectsellspendgive awaylet go3 more rows

What is life one word?

1. We all know the meaning of life in a single word: survival. But that doesn’t make for an interesting question since the survival of every life became a social entitlement & human right, regardless of whether one wants to survive or expire.

What’s the opposite of real time?

You could emphasize the broken quality of time with: discontinuous, periodic, fragmented, or intermittent. Try to use “Near-Real time” as antonym for real time.

What is the opposite for now?

Antonym of NowWordAntonymNowThenGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is the opposite word of exist?

Antonyms for exist go, discontinue, stop, depart, cease, die, leave.

What’s a fancy word for life?

What is another word for life?existencesurvivalbeingconsciousnesssentiencecontinuanceessencealivenessanimatenessanimation42 more rows

What is opposite of love?

Love is having strong emotions and wanting someone. In a sense hate is your opposite because it means having strong emotions but not wanting someone. If you want the opposites rolled into one word I would go with ambivalent which conveys someone you may love and hate.

What is another word for soul?

In this page you can discover 108 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for soul, like: spirit, specter, vital force, love, vision, umbra, intellect, wraith, substance, reverence and nub.

What is the word for something that does not exist?

nonexistent; missing; that does not exist.

What is opposite of delay?

delay(v) Antonyms: dispatch, hasten, expedite, facilitate. Synonyms: postpone, defer, procrastinate, suspend, reprieve, retard, impede, hinder, obstruct, linger, tarry, dawdle, dally.

What is the opposite of safe?

What is the opposite of safe?unsafeinsecureat riskdangerousexposedharmfulriskyunguardedunprotectedvulnerable10 more rows

What is the opposite live?

What is the opposite of live?cannot livecannot existcannot have lifecannot survivedo not have existencedo not have life

What does existence mean?

1a : the state or fact of having being especially independently of human consciousness and as contrasted with nonexistence the existence of other worlds. b : the manner of being that is common to every mode of being. c : being with respect to a limiting condition or under a particular aspect.