Quick Answer: Does Mural Have Video Conferencing?

Can you use mural for free?


Any university teacher or student can use MURAL for free.

If your team needs features or tools you don’t see in MURAL’s public releases, please let us know..

Is mural open source?

Mural is a free and open-source software to create visual longform stories.

Does mural have breakout rooms?

How does MURAL do this? We use Zoom (camera on!) because it’s a high quality video stream with breakout rooms and the ability to record and upload to the cloud.

Is mural free for students?

MURAL is free for students or for a classroom, but sometimes schools need to collaborate just with faculty and staff, or across an entire university.

How do you create a mural workspace?

Creating a MURAL workspace is easy….Create a new workspaceClick on the workspace name in the top left corner and select “My Workspaces”Click on “Create new workspace” in the end of the list.Name the new workspace and invite collaborators.

How does a mural work?

Based in the cloud, MURAL provides shared, virtual whiteboards where teams can visually explore complex challenges, facilitate design thinking methods, and organize Agile processes across any device. Your work is done within a mural where you can map all kinds of content.

Can you use mural with zoom?

Today, we’re excited to share that MURAL will integrate with Zoom as part of their new integrated apps. The MURAL for Zoom application will bring visual collaboration right inside of Zoom, making meetings more productive and engaging, while improving alignment and clarity across teams.

How much does mural software cost?

MURAL pricing starts at $12.00 per month, per user. They do not have a free version. MURAL offers a free trial.

Is mural or Miro better?

On both Miro and MURAL, you write on digital sticky notes. … Mural makes it a bit easier to reorganise a group’s sticky notes into a nicely sorted grid. You can do this on Miro, but you have to add them to a frame first. Miro has a really nice feature to allow users to ‘bulk-add’ sticky notes.

How do I join a mural?

Join a mural or a roomBy email (shown below) – if the person who invited you adds your email directly to the SHARE dialog, you’ll get an email from MURAL. Just click “JOIN THE MURAL” to get started.By invite link – the person inviting you may also just send you the invite link directly.

How long is mural free trial?

30 daysMURAL offers every account a free 30 day trial. Once the 30 days trial ends, trial accounts will have the option to upgrade to a Paid Subscription otherwise the account will remain blocked.