Quick Answer: Is Sufficient A Noun?

Is fun a noun?

Fun, the Noun Fun is enjoyment, or something that provides amusement.

If you have fun in a greater quantity, you have more fun.

Some people say that fun can function only as a noun..

Is much a noun or pronoun?

Much can be used in the following ways: as a determiner (followed by an uncountable noun): There isn’t much time left. How much money have you got? as a pronoun: He didn’t say much.

What does sufficient mean in ELA?

English Language Learners Definition of sufficient somewhat formal : having or providing as much as is needed.

What is the verb for sufficient?

intransitive verb. 1 : to meet or satisfy a need : be sufficient a brief note will suffice —often used with an impersonal itsuffice it to say that they are dedicated, serious personalities— Cheryl Aldridge.

What is the noun form of sufficient?

(obsolete) The condition or quality of being sufficient; sufficiency.

Can ideal be a noun?

Noun an ideal of romantic love He hasn’t lived up to his high ideals. She considers the actress her ideal.

What kind of adjective is sufficient?

Posted by Manjusha. Adjective of quantity answer the question how much?. Examples are: some, any, little, much, enough, sufficient, insufficient, all, whole, great etc.

Is ideal an abstract noun?

The word ideals is a plural, common, abstract noun.

What part of speech describes a noun?

An adjective modifies or describes a noun or pronoun. An adjective is a word used to modify or describe a noun or a pronoun.

Which part of speech is sufficient?

sufficientpart of speech:adjectiverelated words:decent, good, marginal, much, respectable, round, tidy, workingWord CombinationsSubscriber feature About this featurederivation:sufficiently (adv.)1 more row

Is sufficient a noun verb or adjective?

Word family (noun) sufficiency (adjective) sufficient ≠ insufficient (verb) suffice (adverb) sufficiently ≠ insufficiently.

Can much be a noun?

Much can be used as a noun: You have much to learn. or as an adjective: There was much fanfare for their arrival.

What are the six types of adjectives?

Types of AdjectivesDescriptive Adjectives.Quantitative Adjectives.Proper Adjectives.Demonstrative Adjectives.Possessive Adjectives.Interrogative Adjectives.Indefinite Adjectives.Articles.More items…

What is the adverb of sufficient?

sufficiently. (manner) In a sufficient manner; enough. (degree) To a sufficient extent.

What kind of word is sufficient?

adjective. adequate for the purpose; enough: sufficient proof; sufficient protection.

What is a perfect?

(Entry 1 of 3) 1a : being entirely without fault or defect : flawless a perfect diamond. b : satisfying all requirements : accurate. c : corresponding to an ideal standard or abstract concept a perfect gentleman.

What is another word for ideal?

Some common synonyms of ideal are example, exemplar, model, and pattern. While all these words mean “someone or something set before one for guidance or imitation,” ideal implies the best possible exemplification either in reality or in conception.

What is the root word of sufficient?

sufficient (adj.) early 14c., from Old French soficient “satisfactory,” or directly from Latin sufficientem (nominative sufficiens) “adequate,” present participle of sufficere “to supply as a substitute,” from sub “up to” (see sub-) + combining form of facere “to make, to do” (from PIE root *dhe- “to set, put”).