Quick Answer: What Can I Put On End Tables Instead Of Lamps?

Where should a lamp be placed on an end table?

The table lamp should be tall enough for the bottom of the lampshade to come to the eye level of the person seated beside it.

This will provide the best light without glare from the bulb.

Bedside lamps should be in proportion to the bedside table and typically 19 to 21 inches from the top of the mattress..

Where do you put a round table?

A round table works well in small rooms and smaller square shaped rooms. It creates a cozy and intimate setting, so it’s the best shape for a small group of people. A large round table, however, can make guests feel very far away from each other.

How do you style a round end table?

How to Style End Tables:Less is more. When in doubt, use only 3, 4, or 5 items on your end tables maximum. … Consider what items you usually need within reach. … Incorporate an item from nature. … Use books to create height. … Create a “visual triangle”.

How tall should lamps be on end tables?

58 to 64 inches highA good rule of thumb when buying a table lamp for an end table is that the combined height of both the lamp and table should not be more or less than 58 to 64 inches high. This rule holds true for all table lamps, floor lamps, or buffet lamps in a room.

What should I put on my end table?

A lamp is the number one consideration when styling an end table!BOOKS. For me, books not only bring a personal touch and color to an end table they also work as risers! … ART/MIRROR/ PICTURES. A table is the perfect place to display art or photographs! … ORGANICS. … COASTERS/ BOWL. … SOMETHING PERSONAL.

Do end table lamps need to match?

For a formal look place a pair of matching lamps at either end of a console table or on end tables. If you don’t like things to be quite so symmetrical it’s perfectly fine to split up a pair and use them in different spots in the room, and if you prefer a less pulled together look use lamps that don’t match.

How do you decorate a round kitchen table?

The best way to decorate a round dining room table is to use round place settings and proportional decorations in the center. From there, you’ll want to make sure everything on the table matches the color scheme and style of the rest of the room or home.

How do you match a lampshade to a lamp?

Lampshade Selection Guidelines The diameter of the bottom of the shade should not be greater than the height of the lamp body (to the bottom of the socket). Match lampshade colors to the trim color in your room and the tones in the lamp body. Don’t be afraid of black or color as an accent. Consider your wattage needs!

Can you mix lamps in a room?

Shannon Petrie of HGTV says, “If you’re going for a modern or contemporary look, think simple and streamlined when selecting lamps. … Tip: HGTV Star judge Vern Yip says, “Different lamp bases in the same room can look great. To unify them, top them all with shades that have the same shape.”

What should I put on my coffee table?

Embrace Flower Power. Never underestimate the impact of a bright bouquet of flowers in a sophisticated vase paired with a stylish stack of magazines on your coffee table. … Go Glam. … Create an Artful Arrangement. … Get the Tray Treatment. … Try a Two-Tiered Table. … Go Green. … Play With Proportions. … Keep it Simple.More items…•

What should be on a bedroom side table?

10 Essentials You Should Always Have on Your Bedside TableAdd a Bedside Lamp. Rivet Gold Table Lamp. … Relax with Essential Oils. Vitruvi Stone Diffuser. … Hit Snooze. Charlie Gold Alarm Clock. … Make Your Tissues Chicer. … Stash a Sleep Mask. … Add a Phone Stand (and Fresh Flowers) … Use a Catchall Tray. … Curl Up With a Good Book.More items…•