Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For External Factors?

What is the definition of external features?

2a : of, relating to, or connected with the outside or an outer part the building’s external features.

b : applied or applicable to the outside a lotion for external use.

3a(1) : situated outside, apart, or beyond specifically : situated near or toward the surface of the body..

What is the opposite word of fall?

Opposite Word of fall: “ascent,climb,rise, scaling”

What’s another word for factors?

In this page you can discover 45 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for factor, like: element, portion, circumstance, integrant, cistron, part, particular, gene, agent, factors and fact.

What is the root word of Factor?

Noun. Middle English factour “doer, perpetrator, commercial agent,” borrowed from Anglo-French & Latin; Anglo-French, borrowed from Latin factor “maker, creator, perpetrator” (Medieval Latin, “commercial agent, broker”), from fac-, stem of facere “to make, bring about, perform, do” + -tor, agent suffix — more at fact.

What is a synonym for external conflict?

Some common synonyms of conflict are contention, discord, dissension, strife, and variance.

What is the meaning of the external?

of or relating to the outside or outer part; outer: an external surface. Medicine/Medical. to be applied to the outside of a body, as a remedy: for external use only. situated or being outside something; acting or coming from without: external influences.

What is an example of external?

The definition of external refers to something or someone that is outside or the outside walls of a space or something that is applied outside. An example of external is a tornado or some other force that can destroy your house from the outside.

What is a antonym for factors?

Antonyms. undock break irrelevance unpointedness Phanerogamae.

What indicate means?

to point out or point to; direct attention to: to indicate a place on a map. to show, as by measuring or recording; make known: The thermometer indicates air temperature. to state or express, especially briefly or in a general way; signal: He indicated his disapproval but did not go into detail.

What is mean by external use only?

phrase. If medicine is for external use, it is intended to be used only on the outside of your body, and not to be eaten or drunk. See full dictionary entry for external.

What is external process?

External processes shape the relief created by internal processes. External agents carry out this process: water, ice, wind, atmosphere and human beings. They include all the changes that alter or wear down the rocks and deposit materials resulting from erosion.

What is another word for external?

In this page you can discover 40 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for external, like: obvious, visible, outside, international, exterior, outer, surface, open to the air, adventitious, ectal and exogenous.

What are the 4 types of external conflict?

The Four Main Types of External Conflict…#1: Character vs. Character. In this type of external conflict, one character struggles against another, though the source of this struggle can vary. … #2: Character vs. Society. … #3: Character vs. Nature. … #4: Character vs. Technology.

What are some examples of external conflicts?

External Conflict ExamplesMan vs. Man-the character is in conflict with another person in the story.Man vs. Society-the character faces conflict due to some type of societal norm that is in conflict with his/her beliefs or actions.Man vs. Nature-the character faces trials due to natural forces.

What is the opposite of heaviest?

What is the opposite of heaviest?skinniestslenderestslimmestthinnestgauntestslightestsmallestgangliestlankiestleanest9 more rows

What is another name for senior?

In this page you can discover 53 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for senior, like: of greater dignity, doyenne, older, elder, more advanced, doyen, golden ager, head, higher in rank, of advanced standing and next older.

What are the external parts of the body?

Comparing external body parts….VOCABULARY:arm.foot.hand.head.leg.trunk.

What is the opposite of external?

Antonyms: internal, domestic, inner, interior, intrinsic, inward, intrinsical, internecine. Synonyms: extraneous, outside, international, outside(a) external, extraneous, outside(adj)