Quick Answer: When Was Wassily Kandinsky Born And Died?

Why is Kandinsky important?

An early champion of abstract painting, Wassily Kandinsky is known for his lyrical style and innovative theories on nonfigurative art.

In his 1910 treatise Concerning the Spiritual In Art, Kandinsky made famous his belief that abstract colors and forms can be used to express the “inner life” of the artist..

What country was Wassily Kandinsky born in?

MoscowWassily Kandinsky/Place of birth

When did Kandinsky get married?

February 11, 1917 (Nina Andreievskaya)1892 (Anna Chimiakina)Wassily Kandinsky/Wedding dates

Who were Kandinsky’s parents?

Lidia Ivanovna TikheevaMotherVasili SilverstrovichFatherWassily Kandinsky/Parents

Why did Kandinsky use circles?

Kandinsky “Squares with Concentric Circles” Expressionists wanted to use art to express their feelings and emotions, usually through bold us of line and color. … He felt that color could convey emotion even without showing any particular object or figure. Color on its own could tell the story of his art.

When did Kandinsky die?

December 13, 1944Wassily Kandinsky/Date of deathWassily Kandinsky, Russian in full Vasily Vasilyevich Kandinsky, (born December 4 [December 16, New Style], 1866, Moscow, Russia—died December 13, 1944, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France), Russian-born artist, one of the first creators of pure abstraction in modern painting.

Is Wassily Kandinsky dead?

Deceased (1866–1944)Wassily Kandinsky/Living or Deceased

Was Kandinsky married?

Nina Andreievskayam. 1917–1944Anna Chimiakinam. 1892–1911Wassily Kandinsky/Spouse

What was Kandinsky inspired by?

Early on his art was influenced by painters like Claude Monet as well as music composers and philosophers. Kandinsky’s early paintings were landscapes that were heavily influenced by Impressionist artists as well as Pointillism and Fauvism. The most famous of his early works is The Blue Rider which he painted in 1903.

When did Kandinsky leave Russia?

In 1921 he founded the Russian Academy of Artistic Sciences. But by then the Soviet government was veering from avant-garde art to Social Realism, and so, at the end of the year, he and his wife left Moscow for Berlin.

How much is a Wassily Kandinsky painting worth?

Detail of Kandinsky’s “Study for Improvisation 3.” A painting by Wassily Kandinsky has sold for $21.2 million at a Christie’s auction of Impressionist and Modern works of art in London.

Why did Kandinsky leave Russia?

In December 1914 Kandinsky returned to Moscow after almost twenty years of living in Germany. Being Russian by nationality he had to leave the country which had become his creative homeland, his birthplace as an artist. … In autumn of the same year Kandinsky makes an acquaintance with Nina Andreyevskaya on the phone.

What medium did Franz Kline prefer?

Kline’s iconic gestural technique, combined with his use of common house paint brushes, resulted in brush marks that at first look right in line with those made by other Action Painters such as Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock.

What are Kandinsky Circles?

Squares with Concentric Circles (Farbstudie – Quadrate und konzentrische Ringe), perhaps, Kandinsky’s most recognizable work, is not actually a full-fledged picture. This drawing is a small study on how different colour combinations are perceived that the painter used in his creative process as a support material.

What style is Kandinsky?

ExpressionismDer Blaue ReiterModern artAbstract artWassily Kandinsky/Periods

What did Wassily Kandinsky use to paint?

The artist worked in a wide range of materials and painted on canvas, board, wood, plywood, glass, compressed board, canvas-board, and in media of his own making. Kandinsky’s choice of vivid colors and pigments is legendary. He employed oil, watercolor, gouache, tempera, and possibly mixtures of these media.

Where did Kandinsky die?

Neuilly-sur-Seine, FranceWassily Kandinsky/Place of death

What country is Wassily Kandinsky from?

FrenchRussianWassily Kandinsky/Nationality

When was Wassily Kandinsky working?

Wassily KandinskyKandinsky, c. 1913 or earlierBornWassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky 16 December [O.S. 4 December] 1866 Moscow, Russian EmpireDied13 December 1944 (aged 77) Neuilly-sur-Seine, FranceNationalityRussian, later French4 more rows

How old is Wassily Kandinsky?

77 years (1866–1944)Wassily Kandinsky/Age at death

What mediums did Wassily Kandinsky use?

PaintingWassily Kandinsky/Forms