Where Is Guillermo Vilas Now?

Does Guillermo Vilas have dementia?

But a report from the Argentine newspaper Olé says Vilas, only 67, is in a “major stage of a pathology coinciding with cognitive degeneration”..

How many Grand Slams has Guillermo Vilas?

4Guillermo Vilas/Grand slams won (singles)He won four Grand Slam titles: the 1977 French Open and the 1977 US Open (both played on clay) and the 1978 and 1979 Australian Open (both played on grass). He was also the runner-up at the French Open three times (1975, 1978, and 1982) and at the Australian Open once (January 1977).

How old is Vilas?

68 years (August 17, 1952)Guillermo Vilas/Age

Who was Vilas?

Vilas, in full William Freeman Vilas, (born July 9, 1840, Chelsea, Vermont, U.S.—died August 27, 1908, Madison, Wisconsin), American educator and politician who was a leader of the U.S. Democratic Party in the late 19th century and a member of President Grover Cleveland’s cabinet.